Unique collection of "a paper sculpture" army on your table and in your bookcase!


 The author and owner of the unique collection of military miniature on a theme: " The Russian military tunic of the18-20 centuries " - Victor M. Nikolaev was born in 1948 year, has ended graduated from the Higher naval engineering school in Pushkin, served in Latvija, now lives in Tver city (ph. 7 0822 493548), naval officer, now retired.

  E-mail: nebula@hotmail.ru


 The collection account more than 200 figures, among  them and horse soldiers (vertical size - 23 - 40 cm accordingly, scale 1:8). A material - paper, plastics, fabric, foil.

 Collection - tangible information file on a theme " the Russian military tunic of the18 -20 centuries " with a reconstruction of details and features of the military form of clothes, subjects of arms and ammunition, features cutting and so on. Item in unmounted and horse performance. The generals, officers and bottom grades in Guard's tunics, army, infantry, troop, cossack's of regiments, aircraft and fleet with Peter I of times up to now are presented in the exposition.

 The collection formed about 20 years; it was on display in Riga, Liepaya and Tver.The part of the collection was presented at the exhibitions in Moscow, St.-Petersburg and Stockholm. The collection is growing and developing, small series by the orders of various museums are created: for a museum in Bernovo (Pushkin's theme), for нsnabruck (the Festval peace), for a museum in Tver city (it was created by the 300-th anniversary of the Russian fleet).


 It's quite possible to create different series, illustrated the history and changes of form of clothes of separate regiments on the historically authentic material, and at the same time figures of the foreing states in military tunic can be created according to your wish (the appropriate descriptions are needed).

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